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Artisan, Gourmet & High Quality Handpicked Products

APU Coffee - Peru - CAMUCHA: Single Origin, Medium Roast -10 oz.

Camucha is a blend that embodies the passion and dedication of Harry Neira and his search for the perfect daily cup of coffee. Camucha is Chabela's sophisticated sister. It is a coffee that is sure to delight the senses and provide a moment of clarity and inspiration with every sip.

The coffee is crafted from a blend of 50% coffee beans sourced from Villa Rica and 50% from Cajamarca, where the perfect combination of altitude, climate, and soil creates the ideal conditions for coffee to thrive. It is also the perfect combination of two high-quality Arabica coffee varieties, Caturra and Catuai.

The Villa Rica beans are grown in the central highlands of Peru, where the climate is ideal for producing coffee with a bright, acidic flavor profile. These beans produced with a natural process contribute a vibrant, fruity note to the Camucha blend, with hints of ripe fruit and citrus. The Cajamarca beans, on the other hand, are grown in the northern highlands of Peru, where the climate is cooler and the soil is rich in nutrients. These beans bring a deeper, more complex flavor profile to the Camucha blend, with notes of dark chocolate, toffee, and caramel.

The coffee is carefully roasted to preserve the unique flavors and aromas of each region. A medium roast is used to balance the brightness of the Villa Rica beans with the richness of the Cajamarca beans, resulting in a harmonious and balanced cup of coffee.

Camucha is highly valued by coffee consumers in their daily routines as it provides a boost of energy and a balance of inspiration and dedication. The blend is specifically crafted to deliver a well-rounded and satisfying coffee experience, with a balanced flavor profile that is both vibrant and complex.