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Artisan, Gourmet & High Quality Handpicked Products

Vinagrerias Riojanas - Spain - White Balsamic Vinegar - 8.45 oz.

Vinagrerias Riojanas present Aliño, our range of gourmet vinegars, characterised by a respect for traditional taste and a passionate commitment to making a fine quality product with the maximum guarantees. These are versatile, adaptable products which are ideal for everyday use as well as for seasoning the most exquisite dishes.
The Aliño “Delicias” range, of superior quality and fine flavor, are a varied range of aromatic vinegars and extra virgin olive oils that infuse their personality to all dishes they are added to, enhancing their flavor.
This wide selection, prepared with 100% natural ingredients, is intended to satisfy all tastes.
The organic Aliño vinegars and oils are cultivated without chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides, and according to the community regulations and certified by the Organic Agriculture body of La Rioja, which ensures their authenticity.