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Artisan, Gourmet & High Quality Handpicked Products

Entre Caminos - Spain - Premium: Hojiblanca - Seleccion EVOO - 16.9 oz

Entre Caminos: Hojiblanca Olive Oil from Spain (500 ml)

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Selección 100% Hojiblanca- 500 ml

In detail: We immediately fell in love with this organic Andalusian oil from the sunny region of Seville, a balanced ripe fruitiness with a delicate structure (bitterness and ardence are light) that hides in an elegant and colorful bottle.

On the nose, it immediately reveals notes of exotic fruits on litchi and green tomatoes. An astonishing aromatic profile and an extraordinary delicacy.

In the kitchen: Use it on raw vegetables (tomato, cabbage, carrot…), or cooked (peppers, eggplant…), white fish, scallops, in a coral lentil salad, on melon, and in your desserts (fruit salads, cottage cheese, pineapple carpaccio, vanilla ice cream…).