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Artisan, Gourmet & High Quality Handpicked Products

Holy Tshili - USA - Spicy Everything Dry Chili Crisp - 4.11 oz

SHAKE THAT THANG! This is the only spicy everything magic shake, crispy umami crunch you need for everything you eat! Toasty sesame seeds, crunchy golden garlic bits, snappy poppy seeds, feisty, fiery Sichuan chilis, crispy salty bits, and our unique blend of savory seasonings in our handy-dandy, flip-top-friendly, super fun shaker bottle to shake things up, and add all the spicy crisp and sexy crunch to your summer salads, backyard burgers, melty sammies, spicy wings & crispy thangs and so much more! So say goodbye to the same ol' everything bagel seeds and bring on the spicy, the crispy, AND the crunchy!!!