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Artisan, Gourmet & High Quality Handpicked Products

El Paeller - Wood-fired Meat Paella Broth - 33.8 oz.

We prepare this wood-fired stock with free-range chicken and duck, among other 100% natural ingredients. We sauté the meat until it is golden brown to extract all its flavor, then add water and simmer slowly for 90 minutes, allowing the wood aroma to infuse the broth. Finally, we let it rest for 30 minutes with the last embers of wood, achieving the unmistakable smokiness from the wood combustion.

The broth is presented in a 1-liter tin with a recycled plastic lid for proper preservation. It's an ideal format for 3 or 4 persons to enjoy the unique touch of wood in rice dishes, paellas, fideuàs, stews, suquets, and more. Our preparations do not include preservatives, additives, flavors, or any ingredient that is not found in the Mediterranean pantry. Furthermore, El Paeller's broth is pure broth only, without concentrates or any other industrial process apart from packaging, which allows you to enjoy this wood-fired preparation for up to 24 months of preferred consumption.