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Artisan, Gourmet & High Quality Handpicked Products

Vinagrerias Riojanas - Spain - Pedro Ximenez Vinegar - 8.45 oz.

A selection of the tastiest apples gives rise to an extremely careful cider vinegar. Made following the most traditional methods that Vinagrerías Riojanas has been applying for more than 50 years, beginning with a selection of the highest quality ciders and ending with aging in oak barrels before being bottled. Our cider vinegar is made from natural cider, not concentrated must. Due to its softness and its innumerable health benefits (its high potassium content stands out), it is highly recommended in dietary matters, for the elderly and in countless imbalances. Appropriate for cooking an unforgettable sea bream in cider or the healthiest and smoothest salad. It incorporates a practical special pourer for vinegar.